Wednesday, April 4, 2012

S'more Peeps, Please!

You may have a flock of these fluffy puffs of sugar showing up in your home this time of year.  You may also enjoy s'mores during your summer beach campfires.  Why not combine the two?  Because as sweet as their little faces are, they are even sweeter smashed in a s'more. 

Yes, that glittery sugar coating caramelizes when stuck on a stick and held over an open flame. Once toasted, nestle the gooey peep between chocolate and a graham cracker for a crisp sugary layer that is decadent.  You will never go back to marshmallows!

The peeps currently gracing your Easter baskets can be used all summer long.  They don't expire, mold, decompose or otherwise change, which is good news (or bad news if you are health conscious).  So bag them up on Easter Monday and throw them in with the summer gear.

Full disclosure:  My son invented this recipe, not because he was designing a tempting taste treat, but rather because he wanted to "watch them burn."  He brought his Easter peeps to torture one summer after keeping them hidden and the rest is culinary history.  

Look for our bonfire in Rockaway this summer.  We'll be the ones roasting pink peeps.

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