Sunday, January 22, 2012


When a high-wind advisory, a coastal flooding advisory, a high surf advisory and a king tide combine, the results can be quite exciting. The wind tossed the truck around today as we adventured out to survey the scene.  The photo above of wild water was taken at the Rockaway Beach Wayside.

photo of Barview Oregon by Nancy Zavada
Next to Barview to check the bar into Tillamook Bay.  
The waves had jumped the jetty (upper left) and were threatening the parking lot.

photo of waves at Barview Oregon by Nancy Zavada

The rogue surf, carrying tons of driftwood as if they were toothpicks, were crashing on the shore next to the campground.

photo of garibaldi Oregon by Nancy Zavada

This pier house in Garibaldi is usually at least 20 feet out of the water.  Today it appeared to be standing on its tippy toes to stay dry.

The no-wake sign into the normally peaceful harbor was struggling as well.

photo of Garibaldi Oregon by Nancy Zavada

This flag and the waves coming over the seawall said it all, "Fisherman stay out of your boats and on land."  Note:  The Ghost Hole Tavern was packed before noon with local fisherman trying to cheer up.

High water closed our favorite restaurant in Wheeler and Highway 101 (officially underwater) stopped our progress.

Reporting to you from Storm Watch 2012

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