Saturday, January 21, 2012

IQ Test Results Are In

There's a lot of weather today: rain, hail, even some sun breaks.  The howling wind is the one constant with some pretty impressive gusts.  So much wind, in fact, it appears to be an IQ test for the local birds.

Take for instance, the small wrens and chickadees.  They are confining their movements to hopping between branches or short flights between trees, nothing more. Seems like a fairly cautious, well thought out plan.

The crows, showing superior intellect, have decided it is much too windy to even risk flight and are happily walking up and down the street.  Seriously, dozens of them have paraded by in the past several hours.  They step aside when an occasional car comes down the quiet road and then resume their foraging.

The only species of birds still flying around are the seagulls.  Yep, they are in the sky bouncing around, being tossed this way and that, completely out of control. The gulls aren't getting anywhere for all their flapping, in fact, they seem to be losing ground and certainly aren't finding their next meal.  They resemble a bunch of drunk frat boys on a Friday night after finals. All afternoon I watch and still, they don't land and sit this one out.

I have always had my suspicions about seagulls and they were confirmed today.

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