Friday, July 1, 2011

Everyone Loves a Parade!

The trip to Saltair Station yesterday was really more like a road rally. Drivers were jockeying for position along the twists and curves of the Wilson River Highway. Passing in no passing zones, forcing other drivers to pull over and riding the bumpers of the car ahead. I even saw a ambulance with flashing lights racing toward Portland and right (and I mean right) behind him was a motorcycle taking full advantage of the "escort" to the city.

Near the end of my journey, I came up behind an older couple in their vintage Thunderbird going 40 miles an hour, completely unaware of the commotion. Top down, wind blowing gently through their white hair, they were smiling out each direction like the Grand Marshalls in a magnificent parade. As they passed, the trees and ferns along the road seemed to wave like spectators cheering along the parade route. I would not have been surprised to see the couple wave back and give them a regal nod of the head.

The line of cars behind us must have sensed that the road rally had changed into an old-fashioned holiday parade because no one else passed in the final miles into Tillamook. Perhaps they were busy waving to the crowd too!

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