Saturday, February 26, 2011

We want food and make it snappy!

Yes, Saltair Station now has car hops! We stopped at the wayside to say hello to the waves after a very cold, snowy trip across the coast range. It was a frigid 25 degrees on the beach with some ridiculous wind chill factor as evidenced by the blowing sand. Inside the car though the sun was toasty warm and the view was magnificant.

At least for five minutes, then these two arrived.

They screeched, squawked, pulled at the windshield wipers, pooped on the hood and generally did everything in their power to get fed. They would not be deterred and even remained on board when we backed away as if to leave.

Now, I may be a child of the 50's, but as I remember it the car hops are supposed to take your order, not order you around.

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