Saturday, February 5, 2011

Doo...Doo...Doo...Lookin' Out My Backdoor

While I was seated at the dining room table yesterday, engaged in a conference call, my eyes were busy roaming out the backdoor. I had gazed at the dark green moss on the old windswept pine tree. The moss was wet with dew from the early morning fog. A few tiny birds were jumping about in the cedar tree next to it. A typically, tranquil morning was underway within my view.

Just then, in a blur of brown fur, I saw a deer dart by no more than ten feet from where I was sitting. A few seconds later a coyote followed hot on the deer’s trail. They both rounded the house and shot out onto the street. The deer rocketed down the street obviously familiar with the small town’s layout. He appeared to be heading toward Big Al’s Ice Cream Parlor. The coyote seemed much less comfortable on the “big city streets” and turned north toward the wilderness.

Earlier today I was standing where these two had run through the property. It is an obvious trail the local wildlife use and we had seen the deer on it in the past. I glanced at the tree to my right and saw these marks cut into the bark at about eye level.

I am not sure what made them, although I have a pretty good guess. “Nature Bob” (from New Jersey) assures me they aren’t recent. As reassuring as he is, I do believe our backyard trail may very well be known as Main Street to the woodland animal kingdom.

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