Saturday, November 7, 2015

Food AND Shelter

A huge toadstool has taken up residence in the Alder grove here at Netarts.  It is the biggest one I have ever seen (the accompanying sand dollar is for scale),

This perfectly shaped mushroom conjures up visions of fairies (and, well...toads) taking cover underneath it's wide brim or making it their home during the pouring rain.  Large enough for an entire family, the possibilities are endless.

Upon closer inspection, I notice there are bite marks on the top probably made by a hungry woodland critter.  He may have stopped by for a snack and devoured his fill. Stuffed and moving slowly from his self-imposed "food coma," he considered taking the whole thing back to his nest for later.  He tugged and tugged but it wouldn't budge.

Alas, it was the waitress's day off and he couldn't even get a doggie bag.

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