Friday, February 20, 2015

I Don't Poop in your House

 Because this guy above can't speak for himself, I will let these numbers do the talking.

 "In 2013 alone, at the Nehalem Bay Estuary Clean Up, 100 volunteers collected and sorted marine debris which included...

15 yards of trash
2 yards of rigid plastic
1 yard of mixed plastic
96 gallons of glass
64 gallons of thin film
64 gallons of metal
12 hazardous material items
16 tires
4 large barrels
758 shotgun shells
27 balls
1 canoe
7 flip flops
1 buoy
1 tent
1 refrigerator"

Source: Dale Cramer Burr, Executive Director, Nehalem Community Trust, Headlight Herald Guest Opinion

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