Saturday, July 5, 2014

Bunny Mama

In the roots of the tall alder tree in our yard, we found a bunny nest hidden by the surrounding grass.  Deep inside were five precious little creatures with their eyes closed but no mother rabbit.  Fearing that they had been orphaned by any number of local predators, we did a bit of research and learned the mother doesn't come around during the day so as not to attract said predators, but instead comes at night to nurse them.

One week later their eyes were open and they were still cuddled together in their warm nest.  They were mostly eyes and ears at that point.  No sign of mom.

Yesterday (five days later) they were scurrying about their hole under the tree roots but not about to come out.  Still no mother was in sight.

Early this morning, the Bunny Mama hopped out of the salal bushes and over to the nest.  She stood at the edge of the hole and peered in.  Apparently she was giving her kids either a last minute safety lecture or a "you can do it" inspirational speech.  Then she hopped away from the nest yet stayed close by eating clover.

Within minutes, the baby bunnies came bolting out of the nest straight into the brush, a blur of fur and ears.  After they made their escape out into the world, Bunny Mama hopped away too.  Nicely done, my lady, nicely done!

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