Friday, October 18, 2013

Facing the Storm

You may have read my blog a few weeks ago about a crazy storm we had at the coast.  Turns out it was the remnants of Typhoon Padbuk that had come ashore with over 80 mph winds and torrents of rain.  We weren't the only ones riding out the storm.  The pelicans had decided flying was not an option and had landed on Netarts Bay literally riding out the storm facing into the wind.

Several days later when the typhoon blew over, the pelicans ousted the seagull population from their favorite breakwater to rest up on dry land.  A little preening and drying of feathers and they were as good as new.

Everyone lived happily ever after except the seagulls who wanted their land back.  They screeched and hollered about it but their complaints fell on deaf ears.  Is that why they call it a "pecking order?"

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