Monday, May 7, 2012

It was a Super Moon!

Since the moon was the closest, biggest, brightest it would be all 2012, I could not pass up the opportunity to photograph the rising orb.  The wispy clouds added to the intrigue.

photo of the supermoon by Nancy Zavada

There are very few photos of the moon setting into the Pacific Ocean probably because the timing just isn't as romantic as a sunset.  Undeterred by the need for sleep, I was the only one roaming downtown Rockaway at 5:30 am searching for just the right vantage point to witness the moon set.

photo of the moon setting over the Pacific Ocean at Rockaway Beach

Let's just say it was worth the trip from both a photographer's perspective and an ancient soul's.  It was magical to be the only human within sight on eight miles of beach as the sun and moon traded places.

The air was crisp with salt and dew and each breath filled my lungs with new possibilities, washing away past strife and struggle.  I inhaled deeply for quite a while.

The only sounds were the surf and the birds warbling their morning prayers to the heavens, not quite ready to leave their nests.  I listened to the symphony. 

When the moon finally traveled out of sight, I returned home.  Slipping into our bed warmed by my lover, he wordlessly wrapped me up in his arms.  I lie there feeling safe and loved in his arms and in the arms of the Universe.

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