Thursday, October 6, 2011

Living on Easy Street

Literally, you can live on Easy Street in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.  I desperately wanted to live on Easy Street street and write oodles of letters with such a return address.  The only house for sale on the street when we were looking was a small, dank, rundown shack that Practical Bob quickly took out of the running.  I initially protested wildly, but eventually gave up knowing he would have to do all the work to make it livable again.

The town streets are named alphabetically from Highway 101 to the east.  Each letter of the alphabet has an ocean or nautical name such as Coral, Lagoon, Keel, get the idea.  But the town settlers must have decided life was a little rough so close to the sea and therefore, when it was time to determine the letter E, an Easy Street was in order. 

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