Sunday, December 5, 2010

Mystery Beneath Our Feet!

I took a long walk yesterday at low tide. The weather was warm, not a breath of wind and just one other couple on the beach. There were lots of pebbles but nothing else too exciting to report.

This morning, we took another walk on the beach across the same sand. The same sand we have walked crossed hundreds of times--once on the way to our wedding. Today the tide was slightly higher, the pebbles were still there, but so was this amazing sight...a shipwreck!

There--where the day before, I saw only sand--was definitely a section of the hull of a ship. A very old, wooden ship.

The beach was still fairly empty and no one seemed too interested in this incredible find. One couple passed by and matter-of-factly said they believed the ship to be the Emily G. Reed which came ashore in 1908.

My vivid imagination reels with colorful tales of pirates, gold and riches right here in Rockaway Beach. Time to search for the treasure map!!

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