Saturday, October 23, 2010

Giants in the Neighborhood

Yesterday we found a treasure just six blocks due south from home--an old growth cedar wetlands perserve. Seriously, who knew? In all my time here I have never, ever heard anyone even mention it. Yet there it was at the end of a residential gravel road, not marked, no parking lot, nothing that would lead you to believe it was there.

Dropping bread crumbs as we ventured into the forest along a trail that was incredibly "boggy" in places. Navigating huge dips in the trail that were actually the divets left by enormous trees that had fallen. We stopped to look up at the wall of roots which were 15-20 feet wide. Amazing sights followed one after another along the trail--giant trees, a bald eagle's nest (we even heard it's call), a sweet salamander, and stunning fungi.

At the end of the trail was a magnificent Western Red Cedar with a 49 foot circumference. Its sheer size gave the impression it was more of a community than a single tree. Being in its presence was very spiritual as we sat quietly pondering its majesty and the magic of being surrounded by an ancient forest. Eventually and reluctantly we followed the trail to return home.

Happily, we know we will return again and again. Next time I will bring the camera in an attempt to capture our experience and share it with you.


  1. Where is this treasure? I live on NE 6th.

  2. Here is a link I recently found which tells more about it including the location


    1. The Washington Street entrance is the easiest from 101. There aren't any signs to direct you.