Monday, September 27, 2010

Ocean in the Air

We were sitting outside by the campfire enjoying the full moon the other night. It was a still, magical night. And there was also something curious happening. The scent of salt air was as strong as if we were sitting right on the beach. The sound of the ocean was as loud as if we were on the beach. You could hear each wave distinctly crashing instead of the usual dull roaring sound we hear from a few blocks away.

Earlier in the day I overheard a couple of "locals" talking about how unusually strong the salt air smelled. While I agreed, I didn't think much about it then. My new husband--who loves to confidently explain things he isn't really all that sure about--tells me it was caused by an onshore breeze. Although there was no breeze.

Curious and wonderful--the mystery remains! Perhaps it was the full Harvest Moon.

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